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Omar Ezz El-Din | 2017


“I've been affiliated to TEDxCairoUniversity since its kickstart, and passing through being an executive for social media in 2016 and a president in 2017. Since day one in this entity, I've always believed in the power within it, not only through ideas and talks on the event day, but also through each and every member of the entity. I've always believed in the potential of the people and of the entity and that we can give more. Today, I can proudly say that the mere concept of TEDxCairoUniversity is a beacon of ideas within itself. We are the flag bearer that spreads ideas through every single act that we do, every single talk, every single event, every single online post, every single media appearance and every single campaign is a complete idea we try our best to spread. I've always believed that TEDxCairoUniversity hasn't shown its best side, but I'm sure that we will be doing our best.”



“Being the President of TEDxCairoUniversity, as much as it is a great experience for a lifetime, it is one of the most pressuring things someone can ever go through. Not because it’s demanding or the type of work is hard, but because the responsibility. Being responsible for everything, and especially the quality of the Ideas you present on the platform, and making sure you make the right impact in the society, because once you start something, it picks up fast, you need to make sure you are starting the right change. However, witnessing the members grow, get inspired, and passionately work to change their community, will always make the reason why we do this obvious; It will always remind you of why we do what we do, no matter how bumpy the road can be.”

AMR NABIL | 2015


“Two years ago, when we started TEDxCairoUniversity, we wanted to build a place where people can share their ideas and allow them to overcome any mind blocks and remove all self-limitations; to allow their minds to go crazy and help their valuable ideas and thoughts flourish. All we cared about was to host as many ideas as possible that could help contribute to the well-being of our society. We were open to all kinds of ideas that could add value and help develop our people. We were lucky enough to have an outstanding team who were crazy enough to understand our vision and help us implement it.”