Almost every day, we’re inspired by the simplest things around us. It needn't be mindblowing; simple, awe-inspiring written words, doodles, or painted banners usually do. Consequently you start to develop different thoughts that turn into ideas that could be someone else’s inspiration into creativity. This deeply relates to our natural keenness to discover, to understand, to decipher! When you’re a toddler, you experience things through your sense. You swallow legos, you feel electricity and you smell paint. You decipher the world around you every step through your way into adulthood. Once you’re old enough, you start assuming that you’ve mastered the codes of the world, that you have successfully comprehended what’s surrounding you, interact with it and influence it. You come across sceneries every day; you grasp a thought but you might never turn it into an idea. TEDxCairoUniversity’s second generation promises to help the rebirth of your sense of wonder. Through our event, we will assist your deciphering of your life. We invite you to relish a whole day of inspiring ideas. If you’re up for the mind treat, follow the clues on our page to decipher the event’s information. We will present the date, venue and much more with every clue


people who made this event a success