AGORA | 2017

Hailed as the first birthplace of path-breaking ideas, Agora was a place of gathering for people of all interests and ranks to display their talents, share their thoughts, and unite their voices with one another. At the heart of ancient greek city-states, citizens met to make history. This year, we decided to revive the Agorian model to bring forth the brilliant minds of our time. Just as the Greeks decided to give an opportunity for everyone to share what’s on their minds along with what’s in their caravans, so will we recreate an eventful conference for you all to nurture your faith in humanity’s progress. We hereby invite you to become an Agorian for a day. Pack your bags, load up your caravans and fill the application to initiate your journey to our modern Agora! Join our modern Agora on April 29th for a day resplendent with mind-provoking talks, entertaining performances and sweet discoveries that are sure to lodge in your mind.


Iman Refaat

At the age of forty, Iman Refaat decided to chase her long lost dream of writing a novel. Iman wanted her book to be a wake-up call for humanity.Having been an educator for decades, she observed how little motivated youngsters are, yet believed in their potential, the one she dreams to unleash, and that lead her to be a life coach, trainer, and public speaker, and blogger. Iman believes that we make the meanings, we make the definitions, but we aren’t aware of that. Yet, once we gain awareness, we will stop allowing social norms, culture and traditions to lead us, blind-folded.

Hussein Hakem

Hussein has been an IT Senior System Analyst at the CIB for 11 years, holding a Masters degree in Computer Engineering. His passion, though? Filmmaking. From studying movie set decor, visual and sound effects to focusing on directors’ visions and signature shots, Hussein is absolutely obsessed. Over the years that hobby turned into something of an addiction.That’s where his story with filmmaking starts.

Omar Monem

Since his birth, Omar fell in love with heavy metal music. When he got the chance to be more than a fan he took it and became a professional drummer and bassist.He even added the electric guitar and keyboard to his skills as well. Omar has a clear vision of renovating the Heavy Metal genre in Egypt and the Middle East to match it with the common culture and values.

Yasmine El Qersh

Yasmine has a singular background. After studying the Arts of the English Language, at the age of 22, she managed to get labeled the youngest female to work in the diplomatic quarter. Influenced by her admiration of psychology, she believes that changing one aspect of society, let alone the entire world, is a process that starts with ourselves. She regards human nature as always seeking perfection. One of her favorite movies is Al Akhlaq Al Hamida, which tells the story of a merchant selling personality traits and qualities, priceless goods much needed in society. in John Lennon’s Imagine, he dreamt of a world of peace. Yasmine genuinely wishes to see people more tolerant and honest and less judgmental and hypocritical

Leena EL Fakahany

Leena’s goal in life is to leave a print in the society, as much as it sounds cheesy, “if not now, when? If not me, who?” she have lived with this quote for the past 3years and it controlled a lot of beautiful decisions in her life. During her teen age, Leena has had ups and downs with her family and friends. Her relationship with her mother was very complicated, her ways of communication always made things get worse. She ought to change the ways of communication with her loved-ones; by knowing them, by treating them the way they deserve to be treated. Appreciation and a sprinkle of love could have cured it all. And this is what she will be talking about; the types of sprinkles of love used to make the communication a little sweeter.Hopefully using out our funny, relatable, daily Egyptian situations and arguments would help her introduce the different pixie sprinkles of love we all need to maintain our lifetime bonds with our beloved ones.

Mostafa Hashisha

an engineer who decided to dedicate his life to Training and Education. He graduated from GUC and now is a Master's in Educational Leadership candidate at AUC. Since 2010, Hashisha has worked in more than 6 NGOs and a couple of multinationals. He shared knowledge with more than 12,000 individuals and co-founded an NGO and a startup. He then started iSpark with a dream of raising a younger generation (14 to 18 years) that is more decisive about their careers and more competent. In addition, he also owns two franchises called Engineeius educating kids through gamification (5 to 13 years). Through iSpark, Injaz Egypt and US Embassy, Hashisha was selected to be one of the entrepreneurs who toured and got mentored by the top startups in the world like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Uber and AutoDesk. The moment he came back, he decided to start mentoring Egyptian early stage startups and help in pushing the entrepreneurial scene in Egypt.

Marina Romany

Marina is a tourism and hospitality graduate from Helwan university. She works as a customer service representative and a professional trainer at Orange for Telecom Services. She has attended many courses and workshops concerning sexual abuse survivorship aiming to help and inspire others understand their human needs. She is currently attending Mesarpac school for sexual abuse survivorship after which she is going to be a qualified therapist. Psychology is her main area of interest

Aser Nabil

Aser Nabil is a young man of many titles: Managing Director of Print Mister, USAID Engineering Consultant and Co-founder of Fab Lab Egypt. He likes to describe himself as an “all-round tech enthusiast with a particular love for Robotics and Automation, especially 3D printing!” Leading multiple titles means Aser is usually immersed in a variety of projects from machines and robots to furniture and lamp shades.

Uli von Rücker

Uli was born in Germany but has been living in Egypt since 1997. Being a bank clerk by training, Uli’s naturally interested in economics and the bigger picture of everything. Her dream, though? To live in a waste-free Cairo with bicycle-friendly streets and a public beach on the banks of the Nile


Sandra Maged

She's 19, generally an artist, specifically a spray painter. "I was introduced to spray art by mum and she helped me in developing my techniques as she always does. A year has passed since the first time I carried a spray can. Spray art is a different, unique technique in painting. No outlines are prepared just you and your colours creating happiness."


Khafagy's aren't really a band.they are brother and sister who had a very long journey to reach us today. Muhammad was a professional swimmer that has nothing to do with music. It all began with their mother's wish to be an oud player, and here both of them decided to learn oud. Fortunately, Muhammad was too talented that he found his way of escape in his playing, and it became his only source of utter joy and happiness. But for Sara, she found herself in singing. Her voice was her weapon against the ugliness of our realities. And out of their chemistry together, they found themselves a team. A team that can never be separated. Muhammad is 22 years old. He attends electrical engineering in the Faculty of Engineering in Cairo University. And Sara is 20 years old that also went after her brother and attends architectural engineering in Cairo University.

Sophia Medhat

Sophia Medhat started learning ballet in the Cairo Opera House in 2010, and has evolved to be one of the dancers. Sophia has delighted several audiences with her participation in several performances; Peter and the Wolf, El-Leila El-Kebira, and many other folkloric dance performances, and in 2015, she participated in a contemporary dance performance with "فرقه ولسه".